Terra Vivos, Underground Shelter Network is Everything Proof

Robert Vicino has a record of being into or creating an offbeat business. He is doing it again. He is promoting the world’s first everything-proof underground luxury community. He is calling it Terra Vivos which is an underground shelter network. He has taken over the structure first built by AT&T in 1965 to protect telephone infrastructure from a nuclear attack, and is creating more community bunkers which will all be within 150 to 200 miles from a major American city.

The concept is simple. For just $50,000 each—half off for kids—one can buy a fractional share of the Terra Vivos underground shelter network. Terra Vivos is a concrete-and-steel solution to the end times, whether brought about by climate change or nuclear war or even an unavoidable realignment of the cosmic order. Vicino explains, “I’m not selling life insurance, I’m providing life assurance.”

The Barstow bunker was built to withstand a 50-megaton nuclear blast 10 miles away, 450mph winds, a magnitude-10 earthquake, 10 days of 1,250°F surface fires, and three weeks beneath any flood. The bunker will stock enough food and clothing to sustain 135 people for at least a year, and in a lifestyle that Vicino describes as compact but luxurious.

Via: neatorama , popsci

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