Revolver From Rogue DNZ, The Ultimate Piece of Jewelry

This is an unusual piece of jewelry. It is not one of those that are unusual because of its design or because of its extensive use of precious stones. This is a ring of metal like you’ve never seen before. It’s made of six modular pieces of military spec G5 aerospace grade titanium. You will not find any other jewelry made from this material.

Even the process of making it makes it a unique piece of jewelry. It’s precision cut by a 5-axis state-of-the-art machine never before used for fine jewelry. The whole process of putting together a small ring is so precise and painstaking that it takes time. Each of the little bits is off-axis bolted to the next – the process from cut to bolt takes 10 hours each. The materials and the process guarantee the ring will be around for centuries.

This ring is known as “Revolver” and it comes from Rogue DNZ, a line of ultra-fine jewelry created by Matthew G Tremblay. Each piece in this collection is special and unique. If you compare them to other similar jewelry you will find that they score over them on several parameters. If you appreciate the value of this ring you will realize that even at $4,800 it is a reasonable buy.

Via: YankoDesign

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