Pour Out Some Light With The Very Cool Pouring Light Lamp

This is a lamp that looks like a cup pouring out milk. How cool is that huh? Though I am more of a classic, wooden furniture type of person, but I have to say that I am really impressed by this design. What is not to like about this lamp? The colouring with its white and a touch of bright pink looks cool but not overdone and the design is very innovative and will definitely catch the eye.

It is as if the mug is literally pouring out the light! The use of phosphorescence in the light gives it a very cool and modern look. My only concern is that maybe the shape of the lamp and the realization of the design might not be clear from certain angles. But since I haven’t actually seen the lamp in 3D, so I am not sure.

I hope I am wrong cause it would be a shame if people didn’t get to admire this wonderful creation by designer Yeongwoo. I hope this lamp comes in the market soon, and when it does, those of you who have a more or less modern theme to your home decor should definitely add this to it.

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