Now You Can Be All Warm, Anytime, Anywhere, Thanks To The Ora Radiator

In those cold winter months, how we wish to stay in the warm quilt all the time. But alas! One has to get out in the biting cold. Sweaters do help but we all know that sometimes we just feel that the world would be a much better place if we could carry that heater with us always. Unfortunately that is not possible. Or is it?

Not I am not talking about some electrical gadget that you will have to carry everywhere. This is pretty ‘hot’ actually. The Ora radiator comes with a “hot pot” element. Let me explain. This radiator comes with a wrapping leather case that can be heated on the radiator. Once you are going out you can just carry this case with you and feel the warmth of the radiator that you had to leave behind. Mathieu Azema is the name behind introducing this design.

This device will actually be beneficial for older people as they especially have this cold problem. And of course very helpful in outdoor places where you don’t have proper heating facilities. Though I am not sure if this would warm the entire body or not, but I guess just a bit of heat always helps.

Via: Tuvie , Behance

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