Loro Piana Shares Tale of Journey of Fine Baby Cashmere from Mongolia

Loro Piana renowned Italian luxury brand name known for fine and most expensive wool and cashmere fabrics  has created a niche for itself by supplying exclusive products like Baby Cashmere.  Loro Piana has shared the story of journey of this rare fine fabric from interiors of Mongolia to the showrooms in a book called Baby Cashmere: The Long Journey of Excellence.

It is an interesting story indeed. Apparently it took company many years to convince Mongolian tribesmen to shear the fine fleece of Hyrcus goat kids aged between 3-12 months.  Each goat kid yields only 30 grams of fine fiber and this combing can be done only once a year. So to make one sweater it needs fleece of nineteen kids.  They claim the whole process is painless but still it doesn’t leave a pleasant thought because this coat of fine fleece is natural protection for little ones from extreme Mongolian weather. One really hopes goat kids are well taken care of in the whole game of creating luxurious exclusive brand products.

The book with full length color photographs reveals the true story of Baby Cashmere and I am sure it will rest all doubts of animal and human rights activists. One will have to travel down to Mongolia to hear the tribesmen version but still Loro Piana’s transparency through this documentation needs to be appreciated.

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