9-5 by Saab Automobile Inspired by Aircraft is Ready for Takeoff

Saab Automobile has gone through some tough times in the recent past. Its separation from General Motors was rather painful. But the turnaround also seems to be equally dramatic. The new owner Spyker is in place. The Swedish government and the European Banks are backing the company. They have an engine deal with BMW in place and the new flagship model is ready for sale. The company is now truly ready for takeoff.

The design of the cockpit of the new model 9-5 is truly inspired by an aircraft. Sink into the luxurious leather driver’s seat and you are surrounded by a plethora of switches and dials on the centre console which control the car’s main functions. There is even a touch-screen display to program your destination into the GPS navigation system, change radio stations, or select your favorite album from your MP3 player.

This top of the range model from Saab has several other tricks up its sleeve. The optional touch screen GPS system will not only take you to your destination, but if your mobile phone is paired to the car via its Bluetooth system, it will even provide the phone number and ring it up for you, so if you’re going to a restaurant, your table will be waiting when you arrive. It’s all clever stuff, but most importantly, it’s intuitive and easy to use.

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