Ballantine Adds Aromas to Scotch to Create Christmas Reserve

It is always simple to find a gift for a whisky lover. Gift him a bottle of the good stuff and you are sure to bring a smile to his face. The coming holiday season will see a very large sale in this segment as it makes for a great time to bring your friends and family a bottle of the good stuff. Ballantine’s, however, is taking it a step further with its new Christmas Reserve.

They have created some special blends for the occasion. They have added extras to differentiate it from the routine stuff. Their special blend packs yuletide aromas such as sweet wood, dried fruit and cinnamon. The aromas have been added not just to differentiate the drink but to enhance the consumer’s experience. Ballentine is calling this new offering the Christmas Reserve.

They have created a special packaging for the product as it comes in a special bottle and white box with a snowflake motif. The Christmas Reserve hits European markets this month but further rollout plans for the rest of the world has not been declared as yet. But one thing is sure that it is slated to become a seasonal offering for years to come.

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