Ultima Jewelry brings out customized car models in gold and platinum

Midas would have been a very busy man these days as everything seems to be turning into gold these days. You have gold plated laptops, cellphones, and what not. Now here comes the ultimate toy car. Yes, Ultima Jewelry has given the Midas touch to those little cars that boys love to collect (Though this one would not be in the reach of those little boys but more grown up seasoned collectors).

They have brought out 1/43 scale model Lamborghinis  and other customized car models in gold and platinum. So those avid collectors out there please pay attention. This could be the highlight of your collection. The Lambo Reventon that you see is covered in platinum (there is also a gold model). The headlights are made of diamonds, while the tail-lights are made of rubies! I mean seriously. What exactly is this obsession with everything going gold! What next? Toilet papers made of gold!

But you must remember that though the size is small, the price is not equally reduced. The gold models start at 55,000 euros, whereas the platinum version starts at a hefty 88,000 euros! Not exactly in the price range you had in mind for your son’s next birthday gift.

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