Hugh Grant Turns Fifty, Gifts Himself a Ferrari California

How many of us can afford to gift ourselves a £143,325 Ferrari California for our 50th birthday. In fact if we could afford it we would be looking forward to it instead of dreading the mile stone of life that is traumatic for many. British actor Hugh Grant seems to fall in that category if you go by the photographs available in the media. He seemed beset by gloom as he took delivery of his new toy and went out for a first spin.

The stress of squeezing through narrow gaps without any scrapes – with a little help from the salesman – and then trying to find a parking place was all too much for the actor. Poor old Hugh certainly didn’t look like a birthday boy as he trudged back home. Dressed casually in white shorts, a hoodie and trainers, his attire was more suited for a jog in the park than a drive in a sports car.

Hugh Grant had talked earlier about how he was dreading his 50thbirthday. He had even joked about the matter and said that 50 years were long enough and there was no point living beyond that. He said he would visit a euthanasia clinic and has even identified one called Dignitas in Switzerland.

via: dailymail

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