Luxury Hotels Are Now Offering Permanent Living Facilities

The kind of hospitality and elite luxury one is treated to top-notch hotels makes me yearn to pamper myself not just during leisure or business trips, but all around the year. Looks like some top-of-the-heap hotels in Lon Angeles to Boston and Washington seem to have answered my unspoken wishes. These hotels are actually making fantasies into a reality by offering long-term or permanent residence in a hotel-condominium development.

The list of amenities include private, separate entrance from those used by hotel guests, exclusive resident-only lounges, world-class restaurants, concierge service and even housekeeping services are all at the convenience of the owner. This kind of permanent arrangement seems to provide everything that a luxury hotel can and is also a step from usual condominiums.

One of the hotels rendering this kind of service is Hotel Palomar where top half of the building operates as an elite residential facility. The residents there have an access to the building via n elegant boutique-hotel-like owners-only entrance.

This reminds me of the basic fact of life that if one has all the cash to burn, any type of lifestyle can be bought over. Also, if you are used to these amenities all around the year, I wonder what form a rejuvenating vacation to soar above everyday life and deliver a change of environment for the traveler.

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