John Paul DeJoria Sells Ethical Diamonds Online

John Paul DeJoria certainly can sell anything. The man has sold to us shampoos and tequila, and now he is going to sell us diamonds. Considering the kind of success he has had in the past, I would be surprised if this venture if his also does very well. If you don’t know what I am talking about then let me give you a heads about this man. John Paul DeJoria is the man behind Paul Mitchell salons hair care and also the man behind Patron Spirits.

So he is now going to launch an online, upscale and conflict-free diamond company called DeJoria Diamonds. He has founded this company in collaboration with his British partner Jonathan Kendrick. DeJoria says, “We originally launched DeJoria Diamonds in England in 2003 offering a complete end-to-end diamond-buying service to include education and information on diamonds themselves as well as providing independent valuations and full certifications on all the jewelry we make for our customers. We have steadily built the UK business to the point where we know we can continue to develop our flawless reputation, earned in England, right here in the US.”

They supposedly get only ethical diamonds from Europe. Their website is similar to other online diamond sale sites and includes an engagement ring maker as well.

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