Harrods Bring Fu Lions Out Of China for the Rest of The World

Fu Lions in China are also known as the lions of the Buddha. It is not known how they came about into being but traditionally they have been considered as the traditional symbol of a family’s wealth or social status in China. Harrods has brought out these lions outside China and made it available to the people in the other parts of the world. This festive season you could bring home a pair of lions from Harrods to watch over your riches. And with the economic conditions prevailing at the moment, you will agree that your wealth needs some watching.

Harrods has priced the Lions at £20,000 (about $32,000). Though there is a limit on how many lions you can order from the store. You can order only eight pieces. Well there are people who have more than four mansions and office buildings and might find this restriction unfair.

There is another rule that you must keep in mind if you decide to bring the lion home. According to Feng Shui, when facing the entrance the male lion with the globe should be placed on the right with the female on the left. This Chinese export though would be more welcome than their manufactured goods flooding the markets all over the world.

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