Displax Multi Touch Technology Converts Simple TV to Touch Screen

Displax demonstrated, earlier in the year, that it was possible with a polymer film to turn any conventional LCD, plasma or RPTV and turn it into a touch screen. The concept and the feel was interesting so the obvious result is that the new technology will find usage in different models of screens in the entire range of sizes.

Displax’s customizable Overlay Multitouch is ready to be used by screens ranging from 32- to 103-inches in size in order to add multi touch capabilities to a screen. The prices at the moment seem to be high at €1,300 ($1,805) and it is expected that the initial orders will be coming from the corporations who are looking to jazz up their board rooms. It will add to the style of presentations in the boardrooms.

In an extension of a similar technology the company is launching a 42 inch Windows 7 based multi touch table that can detect up to four independent touches at once. They are calling the product appropriately “Octopus” because of its multi touch abilities. The Octopus uses a specific kind of optical technology that allows bare fingers, styluses and even gloved hands to operate it. The initial pricing is again on the higher side at €4,500 ($6,250).

Via: Engadget , MarketWire

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