The Eclipse Media Player Looks Cute And Has Some Amazing Feature Too!

The Eclipse media player is just like any other media player. But what makes it different is that it uses photovoltaic cells to charge itself. That is some electricity saved. And hey with everything going green these days, this little addition isn’t so bad is it? Plus another great thing is that it comes with an attached suction cup that enables it to be stuck anywhere, even walls and windows.

With all these specialities enumerated, let me move on to the usual features that this media player has. It has Bluetooth connectivity that helps you to stream in music from any MP3 player, catch weather updates, and radio broadcasts on this system. The speakers are quite powerful and are wired in the system itself. There is also a very cute compartment to hold the Eclipse music device. It sort of reminds you of those compartments used in cassette players that would hold the tape. There is even an eject button!

Android and iPhone users can download the Eclipse App for “interesting screen savers as you play your favorite songs”. Sounds like a pretty good device to me. But before you go ahead and buy it, do compare it with other music devices in the market cause there is no dearth of them.

Via: YankoDesign

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