Bose Brings Out Its First Ever Television Set

Bose has been known till now to make one of the best speakers. The company is now moving to TV manufacturing. Yes Bose will be bringing out its first TV around Christmas time. They recently revealed this model. It has an LCD screen, 6 woofers, 7 element speakers and something called a “sound radiator”. Called Video Wave, they are claiming it to be “an entirely new category of product”.

This is how they describe their latest product: “For the impact of deep low notes, a cluster of six high-performance woofers is carefully matched to a new, powerful acoustic Bose waveguide. For the spacious, immersive quality of home theatre, a new invention — Bose PhaseGuide™ sound radiator technology — is combined with a seven-element speaker array and advanced Bose® digital signal processing. Together, they deliver sound well beyond the screen. Discrete sound is aimed — and heard — in places where there are no speakers.”

The Bose VideoWave entertainment system will be available for £6,000 from October 14, 2010 onwards. This entertainment system also comes with a Click Pad gadget that acts as a remote control for all the devices in the house, a detachable table stand and an iPod dock. Sounds pretty good to me!


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