Conservative Tories Banned from Gulping Down the Bubbly!

Ah! Those conservative Tories! If only they decided to not spend so much before the recession happened, the U.K. might have bled a little less. However, U.K. bore the brunt of it all and suffered one of the worst economic crises ever. To battle the economic curse, Conservative MPs were directed not to overspend or lead a lavish lifestyle using the taxpayer’s money.

This time around, the Tories have been ordered not to drink champagne at party conferences. This might not g well with the likes of Lord Hesketh who is quite well known for his penchant for Pol Roger and crushed ice in his hotel suites. It only needs to be seen if the luxury spending cuts would help the nation or fuel it further down another economic crisis for Tories certainly would want to raise a toast or two, regardless of what the ban is.

Of course, it would make the rest of the people think again, for recession is not over and it would really help for all of us to cut down on our expenses. If Tories are going to set an example by not raising a toast with champagne, so be it!

Via: Telegraph

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