Leather Lined Wooden Case for Laptops by Rainer Spehl

The first reaction to hearing about another laptop case is generally, “not another one”. This is because a lot of them seem to be almost the same. More than designing it is just mixing and matching of different fabrics, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Very often the objective is only to be different and then the attempt is bound to fail. You always remember a case that looked better and more elegant.

You can not say the same thing about this laptop case by Rainer Spehl. It is absolutely different from the rest because it is not exactly a case but a mini, portable cabinet. And the most basic difference from the rest is that it is made of wood. The case has a leather lining and features a hinged top with magnetic closure. It has that sleek smart look. Some might even mistake it for a larger cigar pack.

The case comes in three sizes that are made to fit the 13”, 15” and 17” Macbook Pro. It can not be carried independently as it has no handle. The manufacturers are perhaps expecting the user to keep it in a carry bag. The natural wood finish gives it a class look but the designers are bound to paint it in allsorts of color and design. The price range is €160 – €350.

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