Foldable Basketball Shooting Game That Keeps Score Automatically

Do you wish you had a basket ball court in your backyard where the boys and their friends could play ball. But who would be the referee and sort out the disputes about the score? Well now you have a foldable mat, board and bucket that allows you to play like in a real court. And what is more it keeps the score electronically with no margin for error or dispute.

This is the basketball shooting game that knows when players have scored from “in the paint” or buried a jumper from “downtown.” A pressure-sensitive mat detects whether competitors have shot from two- or three-point range and adds to their totals accordingly, preventing disputes and assuring accurate scorekeeping. The sturdy tubular steel frame has an electronic scoreboard that displays the score and the all-important countdown clock on dual 3/4″ H LED readouts.

The game is ideal for training, launching shots from close-in or from beyond the arc. Four 7” diameter basket balls and an air pump comes with the kit. The weight of the kit is only 45lbs. When you lay it out the dimensions are 84″ H x 44″ W x 84″ L. When you fold it up it remains a mere 43″ W x 37 1/2″ L. It is a good game for anyone who is 12 or above.

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