GE Monogram Introduces A Brand New Refrigerator To Not Only Preserve Your Wine, But Also The Environment

One of the biggest names in consumer electronic products, GE Monogram, has now introduced an all new fully integrated refrigerator, that is not only capable of keeping your foods and vegetables fresh, but will also preserve your precious wines as well. Furthermore, this 30 inch fully integrated refrigerator will also come with a convertible drawer, that will serve as a holding compartments for various refrigerated items, all the while conserving much needed space in smaller kitchens. This all new line of refrigerators are slated to be launched in the year 2011.

One of the most astounding facts about this new line of refrigerators is that, they are designed and developed keeping in mind the effects of electronic products on the environment. The all new refrigerators will be powered by R600A refrigerant, an element that is known to have the minimalistic impact on the environment. To further lower the effects of the device on the global warming phenomenon, GE Monogram has made use of cyclopentane as the insulation foam-blowing agent, instead of the standard HFC foam-blowing agents, that are known to have much higher levels of emissions. The 30 inch integrated refrigerator will come with three separate compartments, where in the first compartment will accommodate food products, the second will be freeze drawer, that will also come with an ice maker and the third compartment will be an all new ‘convertible drawer’, of which the users can set the temperature from negative-6 degrees Fahrenheit to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the wine reserve cabinet is capable of holding up to 106 bottles of wine.

According to Merrell Grant (General Manager, GE Brand & Advertising),

“Transitioning to city living or smaller spaces does not mean sacrificing on luxury, style or innovation in the kitchen. Early next year, GE Monogram is launching a new 30-inch fully integrated refrigerator, which can be installed true-flush with surrounding cabinetry, to complement a full suite of appliances that are 30 inches in width or smaller. These new refrigerators will also have a reduced environmental impact, which has become increasingly important to American consumers.”

Via Market Watch

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