The First Television Made by Bose Has the Magical Bose Sound

Bose has come up with its first TV which is a result of almost ten years of research and development. You guessed it right, they were trying to perfect the sound system attached to the TV to give the viewer a unique experience and one can safely say that they have succeeded to a great extent. It is a 46″ backlit LCD with 16 built-in speakers, which the company is touting as its most advanced product ever. The system throws sound better than a ventriloquist and boasts an ingenious universal remote.

The stress is on the sound quality of the television but the speakers are not visible. The speakers totaling sixteen in all are placed behind the screen. And the reasons for placing them away from your eyes might not be aesthetic because when you hear the sound it seems to magically emanate from invisible speakers all around you.

The technology involved is called “Phaseguide”. Seven of those 16 speakers are linked with a single, nanosecond timing system. The sound alternates slightly from each speaker which gives the impression that the sound is traveling through space, to your ear, from another point in the room. The compact subwoofers are placed facing each other so that it cancels any mechanical vibration but remains deep and rich.

Via: FastcoDesign , Gizmodo

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