Konami Cabinets Make Road Fighters into a 3D Racing Game

Konami is a leading developer and publisher of video games from Japan. In the new set of games they have developed, they have incorporated the 3D technology to give it a more real feel. In fact there is an option for the viewers also to watch in 3D and enjoy it like a real race.

Konami is bringing 3D Road Fighters racing game to arcades for the Japanese video gamers. The company has released a dedicated arcade cabinet with seat mounted 3D glasses across Japan. There’s even a second set of 3D lenses embedded in the rear of the player’s seat to keep not just the player but the interested spectators hooked to the game. The 3D effect makes it almost real for both the players as well as viewers. Though the 3D effect can also be switched off and the 3D glasses moved out of the way so players can play in regular old 2D.

The Road Fighters racing game is not only about the 3D mania but can also be used as a simulator for top of the class powerful and fast cars. It gives the gamers a feel of what it is to be behind the wheel of hi-end sports car, including the Lancer Evolution X GRS, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R Spec V, Ford GT and BMW Mini Cooper.

Via: AkihabaraNews

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