Get Ready For a Spin in the New BATMOBILE® Replica by Fiberglass Freaks

Its time for ardent Batman fans to jump from their seats in joy, as the replica of the most desirable car in the world is here. This 1966 BATMOBILE® Replica is something that people were waiting for with bated breaths and now that it is here there is going to be hue and cry!

It is more than just a car and its interiors will immediately take your breath away. When you sit in the driver’s seat, there is adequate paraphernalia to ensure the safety of your head and there is enough room for your feet and legs. A team of fifteen people can complete a replica in a span of 6 days and bob’s your uncle!

When we are talking about the BATMOBILE, how could we miss the gadgets galore this car has to offer! It has a rocket exhaust, five aluminum doors that open with ease, a bat beam antenna grid, a red beacon light, a green radar screen, a high-end stereo and a DVD player that plays on the LCD screen.

This car comes with a price tag of $150,000 along with it you will also get a certificate of authenticity. Only eight such car will be manufactured every year, so you better book yours first or you might have to wait for a year!

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