Outlandish Headphones Inspired By Squamates

If you have an invitation to a masquerade bash and you do not know what to wear then these headphones will surely serve the purpose. Designed by Dutch designer Jop Japenga, these headphones adjust the spines and scales present on them according to the mood of the music being played, isn’t it surreal!

This is quite an achievement on the designer’s part to have made such a great pair of headphones, but what bothers me is, who is going to wear them! These are named as Squamata, these headphones have a memory metal alloy, a custom electronic and an Arduino controller, which not only move the scales with each beat, but also brings forth the essence of the music.

The designers wanted to convey the concept of mood visualization with these headphones. I must say that this is either a complete value for money or a trash that needs publicity in overabundance, but from the looks of it, the former assumption appears to be true!  One thing is for certain, who ever wears these he will look like a lost member of the Star Wars’ crew!

via: nextnature

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