Buddha Speakers Covered in 23K Gold Leaf Shimmers!

Buddha, one of the many religious philosophers advocated a life that is free of desire. Now, can humankind survive without desires? In fact it is the desire to see tomorrow that stops the human race for committing mass suicide, and getting extinct for good.

Buddha however knew that desires would exist as long as man existed, and thus created a dogma that was based on being desireless, chaste, and angelic. While dunces around the world seek salvation, here is a cool 24 carat gold speaker in the form of Buddha, that really tells you what religion is all about: amass wealth and look holy.

The 23-karat gold leaf-covered Buddha statue costs $13,250 and could be a hell of a way to show the world “how much you value religion, holy scriptures, and spirituality”. The surprising part is that it is not just a statue, but an amazing speaker as well. Speakers hidden in a statue of Buddha covered in 23k gold? Too much for me to handle in one day, and so must you be feeling! It would be interesting to know who would buy this thing of gold and holiness!

Via: Gizmodo

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