Rain Cashmere from Allegri Milano All Cashmere and Rain Proof

Allegri Milano has been known for their cashmere sweaters. In fact they like to believe that they are the “Architects of Cashmere”. They have, through research and development made cashmere even more useful and durable. We all love cashmere sweaters and we certainly know better than to get them wet — until now. Allegri Milano has a collection of rainproof cashmere coats made of Rain Cashmere. Believe it or not, you can wear soft, luscious cashmere as outerwear. Allegri is the only company in North America making garments like this.

This innovation from Allegri is being appreciated by one and all. Even the industry is applauding this textile innovation. . Rain Cashmere is a 100% cashmere material; the waterproofing treatment is done at the thread level, allowing the cashmere knit to still feel like cashmere when it’s woven together. The texture of the material is as soft and wispy as it should be.

The Rain Cashmere collection by Allegri includes a five-pocket blazer, single-breasted coat with double lacing and a sporty blazer with a removable hood. The prices range from $995 to $1,595. The Rain Cashmere is the latest in a series of fabrics created by Allegri since 1960s including Gabardine and Neomax.

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