the Travel Auction Website Makes Dream Vacations Affordable

Have you ever bid for a vacation and secured it against competition? I don’t think so. But it is possible now. The opportunity is available through an online auction. itsyBiD ( is a unique new travel auction website that offers luxury hotel rooms, vacation packages and destination experiences to winning bidders at an average discount of 75-95 percent.

This new and innovative concept was put together by two Portland, Oregon-based social entrepreneurs as a way to make travel more accessible and affordable to a broader segment of vacationers, while generating a sustainable revenue stream to fund an ongoing charitable program. The online auctions will be focusing exclusively on high end hotels, resorts and a variety of travel related packages in the luxury segment. Benson Hotel of Portland, Napa River Inn, The Canyon Resort of Park City and the Atlantic Hotel from Ft. Lauderdale are the properties that have become the first partners of the new auction site.

Graham Keayney, co-founder of the site is very optimistic about the future. He is already talking in terms of changing the way people book their vacations. He is also very happy about the fact that this initiative will place dozens of dream vacations within reach of the average vacationer.

Via: BusinessWire

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  • This is a complete auction scam site. Don’t waist your money there. Nothing on there is an actual penny. You have to spend hundreds of dollars just to gamble that you might win. Total waist of my money, never again. The so called pennies are really just points, not real dollars. Don’t be lead into this online scam.

  • I have bet on a number of auctions on Itsybid and it is definitely not a scam. I am not employed by or have any financial interest in Itsybid, although I have both won and lost a number of auctions (that is the very nature of auctions). But when I have won, it has resulted in HUGE savings.

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