Diamond Hoods For the Falcons Of The Filthy Rich

The pets of the filthy rich live more comfortable lives than many humans. We hear about pets of deceased millionaires getting inheritance, or having their very own custom made luxe houses, or the increasingly common accessories. Many people even get these accessories made of precious stones such as diamonds. And we also know that some of these Arab guys have a lot of money. You should also know that they love the falcon.

So connecting the two together, what do we have? Absurdly extravagant diamond studded falcon hoods. The company that is creating this is an Italian jewelry company Tiroler Goldschmied. These bejewelled hoods are all set to be showcased at the upcoming Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. Considering that they are made of diamonds, the prices are pretty steep. The range is somewhere between €5,000 to €40,000 ($6,500 – $53,400). All these hoods were handcrafted and each piece took almost a month to make!

The hoods are actually used to calm the falcons, but now it will actually be used to flaunt the owner’s wealth. The company started making these diamond hoods last year, but till now their sole customer is one from Netherland. They are now hoping to attract some customers from the Middle East.

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