Steve McQueen Joins the Long List of Celebrity Names Who Have Perfumes

It has almost come to a stage that if you do not have a perfume in your name you will not be considered an A list celebrity. It seems like every celebrity and his/her cousin is launching their own scents these days. Now the practice is being extended to some one who is not on the scene any more. Yes, you have guessed it right, we are talking about Steve McQueen.

Steve McQueen’s estate has been milking his name in every which way possible. Amidst the myriad jackets, watches and even motorcycles – and just about everything in between – licensed by the late Steve McQueen’s estate comes this cologne. The scent claims to have the essence of cardamom, sage and cinnamon and cedar base. The name of the king of cool is printed boldly on the bottle. There is a photograph on the inside of the packaging.

The perfume is ready to hit the market any time now. The promotion for the launch has started. The logistics and the actual distribution rollout has started and might already be available with retailers. But as you know, anything associated with Steve McQueen does not come cheap and the perfume has been priced at €190 (nearly $250).

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