EVOline Vertical: A cool plug-point for all your gadgets

These days, you don’t have to be some sort of a gadget freak in order to own many gadgets. They have pervaded our lives. I mean my grandmother has a laptop! So it is very obvious that you would need sockets for charging these gadgets. So here I present to you the very amazing EVOline Vertical, which includes all power, data and multimedia connections in one place.

It also features international sockets and a movable design for greater in-room flexibility. The EVOline Vertical is simple to install and no channeling for cables is required. The guys who bring to you this design are the people at Schulte Elektrotechnik, who also brought to you the quite wonderful EVOline Port Lounge table. The EVOline Vertical docking station looks somewhat like a slim speaker. It has an aluminium housing and its base is made of solid cast iron.

The size and finishing of the dock can be varied. This would be a sensible buy as it can be shifted to your gadgets and hence you wouldn’t need long extensions cord and would help in reducing the clutter as well. And its look is such that it wont take away from your decor, which plug-points usually do.

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