Backpackers to Be the New Medium of Advertising

Backpackers are the ones that travel to the nooks and corners of any country that they visit. With them, they carry the different colours and cultures that they acquire as they travel along countries and borders. With that in mind, we should also note that fellow backpackers usually seek advices of the other backpackers and the word of mouth is one of the most popular forms of advertising these days, when it comes to backpackers.

Thus, here is a cool new creative concept that has been put forward by Manchester’s Studio North for client Luxury Backpackers. It is all about a t-shirt that could carry the message of the companies involved and get other backpackers to spend money on services and goods.

The idea was to get the backing of British Airways, and Travel Advisor too did not really care much for the idea. There could be several smaller companies who may want to be part of this creative campaign and get their products and services advertised as and when the backpackers travel wherever the target audience is located.

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