The Right Appraiser Got the Inheritor in Texas the Right Price

If you inherit something old and used you just don’t know what to do with it but when you realize that it could be valued as an antique the whole perspective changes. When a resident of the small town of Marshall, Texas, inherited a 100-year old mansion in the even smaller town of Jefferson, Texas, she thought one of the oil paintings might bring $2,000. But she was wise and looked around systematically for a good and reliable appraiser. The painting was recently sold in an auction for $105,300.

The painting was Albert Bierstadt’s Western Scene “Above the Timberline” which showed snowcapped mountains in the distance and a lone Indian horseman in the foreground. It evoked an America that long ago disappeared. Mrs Nelson, the Texas woman who inherited the Jefferson Historic Home first tried looking for a nearby appraiser on the net but the results were disappointing. Her husband gave her the idea that she should look at the place which is known for its antiques.

She then looked up New Orleans and found David J. Goldberg of The Appraisal Group. Mr. Goldberg with his 30 years of experience in antiques and auctions organized, advertised and conducted the sale of the contents of the house and took the painting to the right auction.

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