Bed That Vanishes Without a Trace by Dawn

When it comes to people living in cozy apartments, a bed that can fit into the wall would surely be something to die for. We go out of our way to find such congenial furniture and this want turns into a necessity when you cannot afford your bed to take up the entire room. A European manufacturer has identified this Gordian knot and created a bed that literally sinks without a trace in the morning!

This is like a blessing for all those who do not have enough room in their house but have always dreamt of a spacious interior. There are certain things that will take up room no matter what and we can’t compromise on that, but furniture like this makes life easier. This Italian space saving furniture is manufactured by a European company and is being distributed by the U.S. distributors.

It consists of a twin wall bed along with a foldable desk which is mounted on the front side of the bed. On request you could also get a folding headboard, the price of his whole fixture is $2,650, but you can get it for $1,750 if you do not order the desk.

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