New Pet Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas to Open Later This Month

There is some kind of a boom in the luxury hotel & resorts market for pets. “Every dog has his day”, and it seems to have arrived. By the end of this month Fort Worth, Texas will have a hotel with exclusive suites offering custom upholstered beds, chenille and satin blankets, 18-inch flat-screen TVs—and a dog treat on the pillow. The new $4.4 million hotel is exclusively for dogs and cats.

The services offered are on par or even better than the best of resorts for humans. “There isn’t another hotel like this. It’s a hotel like you and I would stay in,” says the 57-year-old Ms. Ford Grimes. The best and the most exclusive room in the hotel can cost up to $200 for a night. The hotel has been named the Spa Paws Hotel and it expects to host pet weddings and birthday parties with a professional photographer in attendance for portraits and group photographs with guests.

The size of the pet hospitality industry has grown rapidly to an incredible $4.4 billion and nothing is really too outrageous anymore. Cages have given way to pillow-top beds, in some cases human-sized, and pet food is a very fancy feast. The most pampered dogs these days get their hair colored and their paws exfoliated. The industry definitely has a very good year ahead.

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