Metal Sound Design Introduces Luxury Loud Speakers for €75,000

The number of options available for luxury loudspeakers is growing by the day. It is getting better in quality and more appealing in design. Metal Sound Design, MSD for short, have introduced a bold and beautiful set of speakers that have become proud members of the ever growing family of luxury loud speakers. The Planet speaker has been designed to let users listen to superior sound in different listening moods and situations.

The exterior styling and the sculpture is visually very attractive. The innovative design promises to deliver the original quality of the pure sound. The Planet is able to move positions of high-pitched tones within 240 degrees, thereby allowing users to adjust sound angles of high tones by changing the position of the tweeter. You can adjust it to suit your position in relation to the speakers.

Made entirely from Duralumin and stainless steel with metal balls at each corner of the base, the Planet comprises three separate phases – a middle/high part, a low part and a network box. Weighing in at 308kg, the speaker has a frequency range of 20Hz to 30,000Hz, sensitivity of 88dB and an impedance of 6 Ohms. The company engraves the owner’s name on a gold nameplate on every speaker it makes. But for all this you end up paying a hefty price of €75,000 per pair (approximately $95,400).

Via: UltimateAVMag

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