Amazon Puts Up a Rare Diamond Worth $914,045

It wasn’t wrong to think that Amazon is for the mass market where you can get good bargains. But once in a while it does surprise you. The record so far for Amazon has been the $118,000 watch and they have been unable to top it. They had a $3 million natural ruby listed for a few years but it had to be pulled off as no buyers came forward to purchase the pricey gem. But now Amazon is back with a precious stone and hope to better their previous record many times over.

They have put up a certified diamond worth $914,045. The diamond is in the heart shape, has a good cut, 8.00 carats, D color and IF clarity. It will be appropriate here to explain the technical terms for those interested in the stone. The diamond is accompanied with a diamond certificate grading report from the GIA.

A Good cut is next to the Ideal cut where cutter strikes a balance between cut and carat weight retention. The color D is the highest color grade denoting the diamond has no tint of color which is very rare. IF denotes the clarity grade and means internally flawless. This clarity grade is again very rare. The diamond can be shipped to you in 2 to 3 days in a special luxury packaging.

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