Neorest 600 Toilet Comes With Features to Keep it Clean & Hot

It is not unusual to find people who are very fussy about their toilet. It is not about the looks or the styling. People are most finicky about the hygiene, comfort and convenience. And people have become lazy as well, so they look for every thing in their toilet without having to work for it. And when you have a demand for something the market always responds with a product or feature in order to encash the opportunity.

The Neorest 600 Toilet is one such product that has been developed with features to satisfy a certain want perceived by the manufacturers. Looks wise it is simple and unprepossessing. But when it comes to features it has many. It comes with a remote control, heated seat with temperature control, remote seat opening (for those times when you’re just too lazy to bend down we guess), a catalytic ion barrier to repel ‘particles‘ and a front and rear Washlet washing system.

There are several other features which include air deodorizer, dryer function and remote control hanger. The allows for temperature control and heating. The Sana Gloss finish, which they have patented, prevents the bacteria from sticking to porous ceramic surface. The toilet is heavy in weight and in its price as well. It will cost you a hefty $3,406.80 to be precise.

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