S8100, the New Interesting Camera From Nikon

Nikon have released three cameras in different range. The S8100 is the cheapest of the lot but at $300 it can claim to be among the luxury products in the point and shoot segment. I would consider S8100 a value for money product as some interesting features have been incorporated in the model. I think it is a pretty solid deal.

The basics are obviously there. You’ve got the usual 12.1 megapixels and HD (1080p) video, but the S8100 also does some interesting photographic tricks. It can capture five shots in a row at 10 FPS. It can also shoot slow motion video at 120 FPS. It is not the best but it will reduce events to a quarter of their normal speed.

The new model is also equipped with a 10 X zoom which they claim is fast but they haven’t given out specific numbers so we can not be sure. My guess is it would not be the best but better than a lot of others. It goes up to ISO 3200 and there’s stabilization, though, so you won’t have to rely on the flash too much. And one thing that is definitely great for this range is the high resolution LCD 3 inch and 921k dots. At this price with the Nikon brand name behind it the S8100 is a good buy.

Via: CrunchGear

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