New Improved Bentley Continental GT Unveiled Simultaneously on the Net

It is a big event. The unveiling of the new Bentley Continental GT. And everyone is welcome. It is the first time that Bentley has revealed its all new super coupe live on the internet. A live feed on the internet will allow the viewers to see the car from a variety of angles. They can see the car inside and out all through the live stream on the internet.

Auto Express was amongst very few of the magazines who were granted exclusive back stage access to the car and Raul Pires who is the head of the design for the car. Pires explained that they had three objectives in front of them – to improve the proportions, to make the signature lines more contemporary and give the car a more handmade feel.

If you see closely you will realize that the car is definitely new. Every panel is new except the rear view mirrors. The changes have been drastic in terms of processes and the materials used. The changes have been more time consuming and expensive but according to Pires it is possible to experiment with a low volume car. The interiors have also undergone a facelift; the hand-crafted interior has been reworked for even greater luxury and functionality. The seats, the carpeting and the dashboard have all improved keeping in mind the comfort, functionality and luxury.

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