Hand Painted Tire Covers by Damien Hirst Gives an Identity to Your Vehicle

If you have the imagination, you can bring in art into anything and make it very valuable. There have been art cars but the experimentation was done on expensive cars like  BMWs and McLarens that makes it difficult to buy for an average car lover. So what is the next best thing to do , Damien Hirst may have the happy answer you’re looking for. The contemporary British artist has applied his world renowned talents to a spare tire cover that can be mounted on your luxury SUV.

The “spin” design you see here is applied to the composite dish, mounted to a stainless steel band to cover the spare tire on the back of an SUV. It is retailing for a significant £900 ($1,390 USD). It is a rather high price for a mere tire cover. But very recently Hirst had hand painted one for Audi 1. This particular piece was so attractive that it fetched three times its estimated price.

Because all the pieces are hand painted the prices go up but it also gives an identity and exclusivity to your vehicle. If you are curious about the product and would like to know more about it or place an order directly you may visit the site Other Criteria.

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