Averso Plus Caravan From Burstner Gives You Features and Comfort

If you see the Averso Plus Caravan from the house of Burstner you will learn how to use every square inch of space. It is amazing to see how they have fit everything into such a small caravan. Practically everything you need has been provided in the new caravan. If you see the design closely, you will realize that the key words are foldable, retractable and swivel. And because of these concepts you don’t feel cramped in spite of having so many things in such a small place.

The Averso Plus comes with a unique fold-down bed (electric version available on request) that creates space and atmosphere. You can fold it when not in use and create more space and headroom. There is the option of a mobile bar behind which you have a retractable flat screen TV that swivels 360 degrees to provide exceptional viewing experience.

The first feeling that comes to your mind is that you can not shift anything and make the caravan better. Be it the seating, kitchen or toilet they have all been set up in the best possible way. You have three choices of color. Mint is the unusual and modern finish but there are more traditional white and silver finish also available.

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