Four Poster Swinging Table Makes Dining Experience More Exciting

How to make a dining experience exciting? Of course, the first thing is the food you serve. You can generate some excitement by having an innovative and unusual menu. Cooking has to be good so that the flavor lingers on after the meal. The presentation of the dish also plays a role in enhancing the dining experience. Another important aspect is the seating arrangement. The table, the chairs and the group of people having the meal together.

Duffy London’s Swing Table brings an aesthetic element to the monotonous ritual of dining by having a GEO lampshade suspended on the center of its four poster structure and its hanging chairs swaying merrily around the table. The style is new and the experience is new and exciting. It takes the boredom out of the monotonous and routine ritual. The swaying chairs give you a sense of freedom and makes the whole experience more relaxing. The hanging light in the centre makes the atmosphere more intimate.

The Swing Table is made from walnut veneer and powder coated mild steel and is priced at around $4,600. But the for poster table , no doubt, brings the fun back in to dining. Bring one home and see the difference in your appetite.

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