Soviet Moonshot Program Space Suit to be Auctioned in October

Want to shop for a suit before going to the moon? In fact a 1977-84 Olran – suit is going to be available through auction to the highest bidder. The space suit has come from an aborted Russian lunar mission. This Soviet era suit was originally meant to be used for extra-vehicular activity in the N1-L3 program. It was better known as the Soviet Moonshot program. There were a series of top secret missions with the aim of landing a man on the moon.

Only 27 similar training suits were made and seven flight examples were produced by NPP Zvezda. Unfortunately the suits could not be used as the mission had to be aborted before it could succeed. The space suit does not have the outer cover layer hence the components and the inner mechanism of the suit is visible and you can understand how the suit works.

Regency Superior is handling the auction. They have assured the enthusiasts who might be interested in bidding that the Orlan-D suit is of museum quality and will enhance any space memorabilia collection. The auction house will be putting on the block during their space and aviation auction, scheduled to take place between October 1 and 3. The pre sale estimate for the suit is $50,000.

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