Made in Germany Gilded Spice for Lovers of Gold

Ayurveda, the system of alternative medicine from India talks a lot about the efficacy of gold dust as a wellness and health product. Now the availability of edible gold has made it possible for the enthusiasts to taste their favorite metal. The concept is gaining acceptance and has received an enthusiastic response. is a site for an internet store that can provide you with a set of gold spices.

If you would like to have the sparkle of gold dust on every meal then you must visit the site and order the gold spice. Gewurzset or spice set is made of golden salt from the Himalaya Mountains, pepper and gilded candies. Every 100 ml bottle contains 300mg of genuine 23 carat edible gold leaf. The spices are made in Germany entirely by hand. Even if you are not a fan you will agree that the spices covered with real edible gold are great for decorating any dish.

Aurea Passions has several other products apart from the golden spices. They also offer an Orange Liquor with gold leaf. They have been working on newer ideas and hope to increase its range of gold plated products in the near future. Gewurzset, the exquisitely gilded spice set is priced at €233 ($295). If you want to know more about the concept and the products you can visit the site.

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