Exotic Designs of Leather iPhone Cases by Alexander Amosu

iPhones have somehow inspired a whole series of iPhone cases. Newer designs and styles keep coming to the market rather regularly. Even the high end designers have got into the act as the iPhone case has become another accessory. The new designs we are talking about here are by Alexander Amosu and they are definitely a welcome addition to the pack. The exotic designs have been executed in crocodile and python skins.

The design of the cases are very simple but the quality of the leather, its shine and finish are the highlights that makes the case very attractive. The texture of the leather makes it evident that the quality if the leather is the best. The cases have been hand stitched and have the exotic look to go along with the other high end accessories.

Amosu’s iPhone cases are a great option for those looking to stash their precious iPhone in something stylish and convenient but not flashy or over the top. There are color options available that you can choose from. There are a variety of colors including red and bright shade of cotton candy pink and can be personalized with your name or logo. It retails for a price of £600.

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