Why Can’t the Golf Clubs Have Greens That are Organic

Golf clubs are known to use huge amounts of water, disfigure the landscape and use fertilizer and pesticide to keep their greens lush. But the new awareness about the environment has brought some change in the attitude. In fact some clubs like Cambridgeshire club has hired a full time ecologist and is likely to become UK’s first organic golf club.

Similarly the owners of New Malton Golf Club have also started implementing the change. They claim that their course has been chemical free for over a year now. There out of bound areas are home to birds and they have plans to graze animals on the land and grow fruits. Experts question this chemical free policy as they feel some weed killers are necessary for a quality golf course. The turf that is under repeated stress is prone to be afflicted by fungus and other plant disease. And the trend these days is to create even more luxuriant greens.

PGA is also keen to take a more environmental approach for the golf industry. Though it is difficult to become organic but one can always strive towards it. The problem is that the golfers like to have the course absolutely green which is very difficult to achieve organically.

Via: Independent

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