70 million pounds is the price of the worlds most expensive house

Some people have just way too much money! Apparently there is a house in London that costs around 70 million pounds! This humble abode is actually 25 miles outside London town. The neighbours are some names that might ring a bell. Lets see…how about Elton John or the Queen? So you would ask why this house is so very expensive? For starters, it has 103 rooms.

So now that you get an idea of what is the scale of opulence we are talking about here, let us move on to the other ‘necessities’. There are five swimming pools, just in case you get bored of the other four. Then there is a 50 seat screening room, a 24 carat gold leafing flooring (ok this is too much),  a bowling alley, an all-weather floodlit tennis courts, an eight-acre estate surrounding the house, 22 bedroom and bathroom suites, underground garaging that can accommodate eight limousines and 30 self-contained luxury apartments among others.

The master bedroom has its very own swimming pool and the hot tub is encased by a glass barrier that allows sky and water to merge. It looks nothing less of a palace when comparing its grandeur. Who is the owner? It is the crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Via: StandardMedia

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