Should the 15 Penn Plaza be Built to its Proposed Height? Please Vote

The Empire State Building has some hardcore loyal fans. There is a lot of support for maintaining the status of Empire State as the most imposing building in Manhattan. In fact people are even asking the question – Is Manhattan ready for a new skyscraper? And whether or not 15 Penn Plaza should be built. The Penn Plaza which has been designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, is planned to be just 34 feet shorter than the Empire State Building.

The location of the proposed building is just two blocks away near Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. From a certain distance and certain angle when you see the sky line the proposed building will overlap the Empire State Building, taking away a lot of its impact and legendry allure.

There have been polls that suggest that almost two thirds of the people are against the proposed building. Anthony Malkin has urged the city Council to disallow developer David Greenbaum of Vornando Realty Trust to build the new tower. The Malkins who are the owners have suggested that if the building has to be built then it should be shrunk in design and reduced in height so that it doesn’t dwarf the Empire State building which has regained the status of the tallest building since the WTC was destroyed.

Via: NyTimes

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