Ryno Motors bring out their electric self balancing unicycle

One can read a lot about electric self balancing unicycles. They are being seen by many as the future of individual transportation. I beg to differ but I’ll tell you my arguments later. For now let us take a look at a new entrant in this world of unicycles. The company is Ryno Motors. Their latest unicycle can cover a distance of about 30 miles after charging it full. The top speed is a very modest 25 miles per hour. So now Ill get back to the electric self balancing unicycle bashing.

Ok first of all I don’t think that riding them on the streets is such a good idea. I mean their speeds are pretty bad. So you just might get hit by another vehicle or be booed by everyone on the street. Second of all, they cannot be used to reach somewhere far. Considering that almost everything is far these days, this will become like a toy scooter for you to ride in the park.

Plus if you really wanna go someplace nearby, I will suggest that you walk instead of using this fancy thing. It will do your heart some good. So even though this might be a good machine I seriously don’t think these unicycles should become the future of individual transportation.

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