Neiman Marcus Inc. CEO, Burt Tansky Planning To Retire From a 49 Year Old Glorious Career

One of the foremost business executives and a popular name in the luxury industry, Burt Tanksy, who is currently serving in the capacity as that of CEO of Neiman Marcus Inc. is now planning to retire from the corporate world after 49 years of a glorious career path. Mr. Tansky, now age 72, has been associated with Neiman Marcus, a Dallas based luxury company for the last 21 years of his career.

Burt Tansky’s reign as the CEO of Neiman Marcus propelled him to the status of a ‘Legend’ and he became incredibly famous and a well respected authority in the luxury market. However, the few years of his term at Neiman, turned to out be quite difficult for the 72 year old CEO, as he gave his best to keep the company from biting the dust during one of the worst global recessions of the modern times. This economic downturn witnessed a great slump in the luxury market and even led to a net loss of $1 billion for Neiman Marcus. The retirement of Mr. Tansky from the post of CEO will commence on October 6th, 2010 and the position will be given over to Karen Katz.

Via Dallas News

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