Mega Aquariums The Latest Fad With The Super Rich

Mega aquariums are the latest fad with the mega rich tells us Ralph Ammirati whose customers call him at 12 at night to discuss the tint of their aquarium glass. Well if your customers pay you a bomb, then I guess you shouldn’t be surprised if they expect 24X7 service.

Christopher Stevens, a Manhattan-based interior designer says that vast volumes of imported saltwater, $6,000 pet sharks, and increasingly daring aquarium designs have become the new way of putting a stamp on the exorbitantly expensive lifestyles of the rich and the famous. For example, there is a 700-gallon tank that weighs around 6,000 pounds, suspended from the ceiling of a West Village townhouse. This apparatus is so big that its pumps and filters occupy an entire walk in closet and even parts of the roof!

The latest trend is the ceiling-mounted Spacearium—available in sizes from five to eight feet long. These super expensive aquariums conceals its own pumping and filtration machinery and offers a 360 degree view of its insides. They kinda look like a floating LCD screen. Well these aquariums definitely look very pretty, and if these guys have the money to spend, then who are we to judge.

Via: nytimes

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